The importance of a good logo

The importance of a good logo

What is the first impression you have of a company or product? Is it the tagline? The history? The products itself? A lot of the time, the first thing that we are attracted to is the logo for the business itself. If a company just has their name in the font Comic Sans, or Times New Roman, and looks outdated, chances are people won’t even look past the logo. You know what they say, a good first impression is very important!

The simplicity of the Apple and Nike logo and the classic look of Coca-Cola have been the reasons why they have been the most recognized and appreciated logos in today’s society. Who would want to buy a product in a company that seems to have an unenergetic, inauthentic, and ugly logo? The branding of a company stems from a strong logo and helps draw a customer in without even knowing much about the products. A good logo fosters brand loyalty, which will help expand a business immensely.

A good logo will separate companies from their competition. Nowadays, our society thrives off of aesthetics. Therefore, a good logo will attract consumers on the basis of aesthetics and art. Although it is more important to have a great product, brand, and company as a whole, a logo is what brings consumers in the first place.

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