The Corona Virus Effect for the future

The Corona Virus Effect for the Future

What an interesting time to be alive. We are living through history with this COVID-19 virus, and it is shaking the nation and world to the bone. As of now, in the United States, we are remaining in isolation until April 30th, but what is going to happen after this date? Will we continue to practice social distancing in the office and everyday life? Will our desks need to be 6 feet apart from each other once this virus begins to level out? These are questions we are going to explore.

Corona virus is very new, meaning that there are no definitive answers for anything besides to wash your hands, stay home, and stay away from anyone that is not a family member until further instructed. There are theories about the future of our nation and the Corona Virus, one being that it could become a common flu that can potentially have a vaccination. If this is the case, it wouldn’t be necessary to continue social isolation in the workplace if it becomes as common as the flu and has a medication to help treat it. However, a vaccination has not been discovered yet, so as of now, even returning to our offices is not allowed for the most part. In terms of overall hygiene and cleanliness, in the workplace, there will likely be more protocols for sanitation that include washing your hands more frequently, being more cautious when covering a cough or sneeze, and being more lenient toward employees not coming into work if they feel sick. After living through a widespread virus, it is clear now that sanitation and cleanliness is a very important aspect of everyday life that can mean the difference between life and death, in extreme cases.

I believe that once we ease back into everyday life in the coming month or so, the world is going to be a lot more cautious of viruses and social distancing, both in the office and in every day life. Although we won’t be ordered to stay in our homes forever, we are (hopefully) going to learn a lot from the time we have spent in isolation to reflect on how change might be necessary as a society. Am I saying we should keep our distance and stay 6 feet apart from our colleagues, fellow employees, friends and strangers for now on? No. I’m saying that we are going to become more cautious of the possibilities and the strength of outbreaks like the Corona Virus. As a society, it is our duty to improve our conditions of living and mindsets so that a widespread virus like this can be contained and won’t cause deaths or serious illness in the future.