Sit Stand Desk

Mach 5 offers a variety of workplace solutions with features that will meet the needs of your employees or staff, with a height adjustable desk to meet every need and just about every size. These ergonomic desks can change height to accommodate persons of different heights and sizes quickly, comfortably and easily.

There are different configurations as well, for different space requirements and floor plans. For corners we offer an L-Shaped Unit, a 120 Degree Unit and a Corner Unit. There is also a standard rectangular unit, which is one of the most popular choices for just about any floor plan.

There are many positive benefits in switching to an adjustable desk. The main advantage of the electric adjustable height desk is the flexibility is offers to the user, as different types of tasks sometimes require a different desk height. It also allows one to change their position easily depending on their mood or energy level. In this way, work can be continued without necessarily having to take a break from sitting or standing. The result is a more productive, healthful work environment.


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