How live chat has improved businesses overall.

How live chat has improved businesses overall.

Live chat has become a relevant means of customer service and sales, and the overall benefits of live chat are astounding.

Would you rather speak to a representative via phone, experiencing holds and miscommunication or live chatting with a real representative? Would you rather email aimlessly, not knowing when the next response would take place, or simply speak face to face with someone on a scheduled time?

The convenience is undoubtedly, but Live chat also reduces expenses, increases sales, and improves customer service and loyalty. According to Forrester’s research, live chat customer service is 17-30% cheaper than a phone call, with the ability to multitask and give customer service to multiple customers at once.

Alongside the overall convenience and business benefits, live chats create loyalty between customers and business. The ability to speak face to face with a sales representative creates a relationship between customers and businesses because communication is clear and talking to a real human being helps create a bond between the two.

Overall, businesses are becoming more technologically advanced, therefore businesses should evolve with the opportunities and abilities of modern technology.

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