Do I really need this? Hmm….

Do I really need this? Hmm…. Yes, yes I do. These are the thoughts that go through numerous millennials heads as they hit “Add to Cart” in their online shopping experience.

Online shopping has become one of the most convenient, cheap, flexible, and easy means of buying everyday items that customers not only need but items that they want. There are many instances when an individual has an item in mind, then proceeds to click through pages of unrelated items, then ends up buying THAT item instead of the actual item initially in mind (I know I am guilty of that). This is because, according to studies, endorphins are released when an online purchase is made, and when a package is received. Have you ever excitedly opened an Amazon package with a pack of pens and tweezers in it? Well, that’s the endorphins talking!

In a lot of cases, online shopping is a very easy, convenient, and accessible system that people rely on for furniture, cleaning supplies, and even groceries. According to various data, the leading reason why people like millennials tend to online shop, especially with services like Amazon Prime, is because of the low prices, free shipping, and convenience. Nowadays, people are always on the move, so the ability to click a button and for that item to arrive within 5 business days is an undeniable perk of online shopping.

According to invest, millennials make 54% of their purchases online, and 67% say they prefer online shopping as opposed to in-store shopping. So, why do you think these percentages are so high? Convenience, price, flexibility, or just because you are a lazy bum? You decide!

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