Combatting Corona: How to stay mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong

Combatting Corona: How to stay mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong

In a non-stop world, we have come to a complete halt. It is almost as if most of us simply don’t know what to do with the lack of lively activity. Restaurants, bars, malls, beaches, stores, and parks across the counrty are being shut down until further notice. What are we going to do without our normal, everyday schedule? What are we going to do without a concrete plan to take on the day? Are we going to crack with inproductivty, or rise to learning new things that we didn’t have time before to do in our quickly moving world? Today, I will be discussing how to focus on staying productive in the midst of the chaos, and keep your health, emotions, and spirituality in check during a time where is seems easy to lose touch with it all.


 Here are some tips:

  1. For most of us, we thrive off of schedules. Therefore, make it a habit to continue to wake up at a reasonable hour, and stick to that time everyday. Whether that be 6am for our early birds or 9am for our later risers, pick a time and stick to it.
  2. Following that, it is important to write a list of the things you want to tackle that day; A “schedule” if you will. Maybe work-related items on the checklist have dwindled, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be productive in other ways! Put items down that will help you still be productive, maybe it is to clean the living room, or do an out home workout, or to paint that one room in your house that you have been meaning to paint for months, but never had the time to get to it. Now is the time to get to all of the projects done that you have been waiting off because you have been so busy.
  3. Make time throughout the day to do things you enjoy. This quarantine time, although devastating, should be used to make time for things you enjoy. So spend time with your family, cook a meal that the family will rave about all week, take a hot shower/bath, and make time for your mental health and for reflection. It is important to stay occupied with a good balance of productive tasks and enjoyable tasks to keep your mental health in check during this time.
  4. This time of isolation is also a good time to learn things that you have been meaning to get around to during your normally busy life. If you wanted to learn how to play the never-touched guitar that has been staring at you in your living room saying “play me, play me!”, dust that baby off and learn how to play! Learning something new during this time will help you feel a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. Do you want to come out of this pandemic feeling accomplished with what you had done, or dwell on the fact that you could’ve done more?
  5. Stay in touch with your spirituality. Whether you turn toward religion or energies, it is important not to lose sight of that, especially now that our world is in great need of collective thought.


And most importantly, stay healthy, and make sure those around you are practicing safe and healthy habits as well. In the time being, stay home, wash your hands, and do everything in your power to keep yourself and loved ones safe from this lethal virus.

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